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The Newfoundland is a Great Dog

The Newfoundland is a Great Dog

July 1, 2016

newfoundland petland-2Today I decided to stop by Petland Naperville to see what puppies they had available. Once there, I was drawn to a beautiful black and white Newfoundland. I absolutely love this breed---the Newfoundland is a great dog. It is big (females can be up to 120 pounds and males can reach up to 150 pounds!), strong, gentle and smart. Here's an interesting fact---one Newfoundland was recorded as weighing 260 pounds! They are easy to train. They have gained the nickname "Gentle Giant" because of their size and demeanor.

Newfoundland dogs are best known for their history of saving lives. They can watch over people and keep them from harm. Perhaps the best-known Newfoundland was in the movie "Peter Pan," where a Newfoundland played the role of Nanny." To this day, Newfoundlands are used for water rescues because of their strength and endurance in water.

Newfoundlands have beautiful, long coats of fur. Their hair has an undercoat and is actually water-repellent! Their fur is very thick and oily, which aids in being waterproof. This needs to be brushed regularly in order to keep from matting. Be prepared for your Newfoundland to shed all the time. It tends to shed in clumps, making it easier to see and brush out. If you decide to get a Newfoundland, be prepared for regular brushing, ear cleaning (to prevent ear infections), and nail clipping (their nails grow remarkably fast!).

Newfoundland-petlandNewfoundlands also have webbed feet. This helps him swim swiftly and for long periods of time. Interestingly enough, this dog does not do the doggy paddle! Instead, he uses a more powerful stroke which is best described as downward and outward. The ideal home for a "Newfy" is one where there is room to roam (they especially love daily walks) and possibly a body of water in which to swim. Because of their coats, they would do great in a climate that has snow in the winter.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with the Newfoundland puppy. I was glad to have a Pet Counselor who knew all about Newfoundlands help me to discover new facts about this breed of dog. I love the fact that it is large in stature (even as a puppy!). I absolutely love that they have rescued many, many people---in fact, it is part of their nature to rescue people in water. When you are ready to add a new puppy to your family, I would highly recommend that you go to Petland Naperville to find one.


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