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We carry a number of breeds in our store on a regular basis. To the right you will find a list of our most common dog breeds that we have at Petland Naperville. If you would like to be notified when these breeds come into the store we can do that for you! Simply provide your information, on the form to the right, and when the breed you select becomes available at Petland Naperville we will send you a picture of your puppy and all the information about it! Follow as many breeds as you want and be notified about each one. It is just that easy, and then you can schedule an appointment to come see your new furry friend! Also, you can Get Our Weekly Puppy E-Mail by clicking here. This will send you an e-mail every Friday with all the new puppies that arrived at our store this week! Petland Naperville 720 Illinois 59 #112 Naperville, IL 60540 (630) 357-3801 Don’t See the Breed You’re Looking For? Click Here to Special Order a Puppy

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