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Petland Naperville

Petland Puppies: See the Difference

Petland Puppies: See the Difference

May 12, 2016

Petland Naperville PuppiesI've been visiting Petland Naperville for a little while now. Every time I have a question on any particular breed, there is a knowledgeable Pet Counselor who will find the answers for me. I know that there are other puppy stores out there, but I can tell you this in all honesty, with Petland puppies you can see the difference. After my visit, I have decided that this is the place to adopt a puppy.

All dogs are descendants of the wolf. Did you know that pretty much every dog has a history that is intertwined with man as we bred a breed to serve a purpose to help mankind? I find it fascinating learning about different breeds and their use throughout history. I have visited Petland Naperville before to see if I could find some information on the history of different dog breeds, and the Pet Counselors there were always happy to talk about little-known facts of dog breeds.

Another impressive thing that I have noticed at Petland Naperville is that they have pictures hung up on their walls. I asked what these "scenic" pictures were, and the Pet Counselor informed me that they are pictures that were taken when the owners visited their breeders. That means that while I can't visit their breeders (they are far from Naperville), they did on my behalf. They met the breeder families, asked many questions, met with and played with the puppies' parents, and gave their approval of the places where their puppies come from before they became Petland puppies. That is very reassuring to me.

Petland Naperville English Bulldog puppiesI also found out from the Pet Counselor that while state legislation dictates that pet stores must buy from USDA registered breeders or hobby breeders (4 or fewer breeding females) only, Petland Naperville takes it several steps further. The won't buy puppies from a USDA breeder that has had ANY direct violations in the previous two years, and will personally review any indirect violations (grass too tall, food container not covered, etc.) to see if they want to work with that breeder or not.

I also learned from the Pet Counselor that before a puppy travels to Petland Naperville it has been given a thorough health examination and re-examination by usually 2 different veterinarians. If there is any question as to whether the puppy can travel, the vet will hold him/her back. I'm not sure what other places do, but it's nice knowing that the puppy will not make it to any Petland puppy stores unless they are healthy enough to travel. Petland Naperville also has its own relationship with a veterinarian. He comes every week to personally inspect the new puppies in the store prior to them being available for sale and to follow up on any existing puppy that might be showing signs of a cold, etc.

Petland Naperville has a highly trained staff. The Kennel Technicians diligently clean and disinfect kennels daily, keep the veterinarian informed of any puppy's status change, and even give current vaccines to the puppies. Before a customer adopts a puppy they are given the puppy's daily chart, which includes vaccine dates, weights, temperatures, and any other medical information pertinent to the puppy. This is for their permanent records and to share with the veterinarian going forward.

I was very impressed with just how far the Petland Naperville staff goes to ensure that their puppies for adoption are healthy. If you adopt a Petland Naperville puppy, they also give you additional warranties that go beyond what our legislation requires. Instead of a state-required 21-day viral warranty, Petland Naperville gives you a 30-day viral warranty. Also, instead of a 12 month congenital and hereditary warranty, Petland Naperville gives you 18 months. That makes me feel reassured that adopting with Petland Naperville puppies you can really see the difference, and going to Petland Naperville is a great decision.

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