Oh No! My Dog had Diarrhea, How Do I Fix This?

June 1, 2016

It was a typical Monday Afternoon, and it was time to let my dog out to go to the bathroom. He went out and I went to pick up after him when I discovered he had diarrhea. I became very worried and concerned. I went straight to my computer to see how I got a sick dog. It gave me too many options of answers, so I went to Petland Naperville where they have skilled Counselors. They directed me to there Veterinarian staff and went to get some real answers.

The Vet there told me that there are many different things that could of happened with my sick dog. The scariest one is kidney, liver, or pancreatic diseases -- which is unlikely majority of the time. The most common reasons are eating bad food, change in diet, or hypersensitive. The vet performed a physical exam on my dog, and realized he had a dog virus. I had to just watch what he ate, give him plenty of water, and be more careful about what I am feeding him.

Thanks to Petland Naperville, I got the answers I needed to help my dog and fix the problem for the long run. It was nice knowing I could go to them when I needed it most.

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