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Most Popular Dog Names

Most Popular Dog Names

June 1, 2016

Painted Dalmation PuppyOf course, when you decide on adding a puppy to your family, you have to come up with a great puppy name. No, you really want to come up with the perfect name. Today I stopped by Petland Naperville to talk to people about dog names. It was really interesting hearing about why a customer chose this name or that name. It made me want to name every puppy in Petland Naperville! (Of course, I did find out that the staff here comes up with names for many of their favorite puppies!)


I started out interviewing the kennel staff. One team member has two dogs---Bug, a Malti-Pom (Maltese-Pomeranian), and Lily, a Boxer-Labrador mix. Poor Bug---when she was a tiny puppy, her eyes almost popped out of her head, so she became affectionately known as a "bug." As for Lily, her daughter named her. That seemed to be the trend with the customers that I talked to. Children quite frequently get to name the family pet. That happened in my family, when my then-4-year-old son named my red Toy Poodle "Clifford The Big Red Dog."


Petland Naperville PuppiesI ran into the Kennel Manager, and I asked him what he thought were cute puppy names. He has two Pit Bulls named Layla and Syco. Layla already had her name when he took her in. As for Syco, he explained that the dog is hyperactive, and while he wanted to nickname him "Pyscho," he didn't think it was fair to spell it out.


I turned to my handy cell phone to look up the most popular names for dogs. Of course, every website had a different opinion as to what names were most popular. What I've decided is that picking out a puppy name is just as difficult as picking out a baby name. I turned to the world wide web for lists of classic dog names. These names stand the test of time. Names like Spot, Buddy, and Bandit made the list (hey, I have a dog named Bandit!), as did Benji (remember the 1970s movies?), Fido, and Socks. I'm sure that they are popular enough puppy names that you might even know someone who has used one of these names.


I stopped a Pet Counselor to ask if he had any dogs. He has a Husky named Sahara. I asked how he came up with that name, and he said that she is red, tan and white---it reminded him of the desert colors of the Sahara. I then ran into another Pet Counselor, who said that he has 3 dogs---a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Luna, and two Poodles named Chloe and Carrie. How did he get those names for his dogs? Each dog had a previous owner, and he inherited their names along with the dogs.


It is so difficult to come up with just the right dog name. You can look up names online, inherit a name, ask your children for something cute, or wait a while until some idea comes to you. Finally, I met a customer who was in the process of adopting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I asked if she had come up with a name for her yet, and she said no, but that when they were in the store a few days ago her daughter thought up the name Sweetie. Given the beautiful face of that puppy, I think that Sweetie is just perfect.

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