Female Dog Names---What's Popular?

August 1, 2016

petland naperville female 2I love dogs. I love puppies even more! Of course, my puppies have all grown into dogsnow. In fact, they are senior citizens! It's weird, sometimes I'll tell someone thenames of my dogs, and they look at me funny. I feel like I need to explain why my dogis named something. Sure, my 5 pound Chihuahua's name speaks for itself---Bitsy,But, I still feel the need to explain that it's really Itsy Bitsy, because she was aboutthe size of a Beenie Baby when I took her home. The same goes for my HairlessChinese Crested, Flower. I always feel the need to explain that she was named afterthe skunk in Bambi, since she has skunk-like hair on her head. So, I asked myself,Female Dog Names---What's Popular? I decided to do some research on the subject.

Popular Female Dog Names

First of all, you should choose a name that is short---maybe one or two syllables.Dogs will not understand a long name like Elizabeth or Isabella. Another mistake is toname your dog something that rhymes with a command, such as Kit (rhymes with"sit"), or Kay (rhymes with "stay"). Instead of getting your dog to obey you, you willend up calling your dog to you! This sounds very simple, but it is not something thatpet owners think about, and then they wonder why their dog doesn't behave!

Okay, once you have narrowed down your syllable options, now you can beginthinking of a name. Currently, the most popular female dog names are "people"names. Instead of Spot, human names such as Anna, Lola, Stella and Sophie arepopular. In addition, there are many popular female dog names that end with an "ee" now. Perhaps the most dog-like names that are popular now are Daisy, Coco, Angel,Lady or Princess.petland naperville female 1

The most important thing is that you name your puppy something that will grow withher into doggy adulthood. Think hard before you name your puppy Precious orBabycakes. While I don't think that you can name your dog something that hurts herself-worth, it doesn't make sense to try to find a name that the bully dog at the dogpark will tease her with! The same thing goes for your children. They mean well whenthey try to name your puppy Tinky-Winky or Pooh, but years from now, you will stillbe explaining to people the reason behind your dog's name!

Above all, make sure that YOU are happy with your dog's name. Take a few days toget to know your new family member, and create a bond with her that gets solidifiedwith her new name.

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