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Dog Training Tips – No Retractable Leashes!

Dog Training Tips – No Retractable Leashes!

March 15, 2016

dog with a leashYou will need a lot of dog training tips for every stage of your dog's life. We, Petland Naperville, want you to be equipped with some basic tips to keep your new puppy safe and you sane. The first thing you're going to want to get (probably before you even leave the store) is a leash.

A retractable leash has a lot of pull (zing) -- they are fashionable, convenient, and popular. Most dog trainers will tell you, using a retractable leash, especially on a pup not properly leash trained actually has the opposite effect on teaching your pup walking etiquette.

Have you ever seen a puppy run as fast as they can on a retractable leash only to be clotheslined at the last moment? This can be very harmful to your puppy. They know that there is more lead and they want to explore! On the far other side of the spectrum, if you should drop your leash now your pup thinks a monster is chasing her as the holder rapidly retracts and she may try to run away in terror.

Here's a valuable puppy training tip, while your pup is learning, save the roaming for the puppy parks and get a static lead or leash. The lead is much more helpful in that you set the distance more readily than with a retractable and your pup soon learns how to handle the slack. The leash is the best way to teach your pup how to walk properly by allowing you to apply dog training methods such as turning rapidly to keep your pup's attention.

Although the retractable leash may seem like a great idea for the extra roaming space remember the best way to train your pup is on a standard leash. Once you have proper walking techniques down with your furry friend, then you can work on a retractable leash. Though, many people, once they realize how pleasant walks can be with a properly trained pup, may just stick with their standard leash.

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