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Does Petland Naperville Get Puppies from Puppy Mills?

Does Petland Naperville Get Puppies from Puppy Mills?

March 15, 2016

Time to answer the question that is weighing on everyone's mind: Does Petland Naperville get their puppies from puppy mills and what is a puppy mill really? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. In fact, the very definition of a puppy mill is largely unknown or agreed upon. If you were to speak to many animal activists they will claim a puppy mill is ANY breeder of dogs, including hobby breeders. By this definition no one would be able to breed dogs, not even you! How alarming!

Most animal activists have NEVER visited a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulated breeder or even seen the care that is provided for the parents of our puppies. Did you know that it is so difficult to become a USDA regulated breeder that less than 20% of all breeders in the United States are USDA licensed?

When you see pictures on the internet of the latest puppy mill raid and the animal activist it trying to tie the pictures to your local pet store, remember this, there has NEVER been a raid on a USDA regulated facility! So, of all the breeders in the United States, only 20% meet the high standards in order to be USDA regulated, and of that 20%, not a single one has ever been the subject of a raid.

Where Do Petland Puppies Come From?

At Petland Naperville, we take great pride in our breeders and believe in keeping our standards high to ensure that we work with only the best breeders in the country. We work with hobby breeders (this means they have less than 4 females that are able to breed---even you can be a hobby breeder!), and USDA-regulated commercial breeders. Commercial breeders don't need to be USDA regulated, but rather, they choose to live up to the high standards that it takes to be regulated by the USDA. This means that they are subject to surprise inspection visits, fines and ultimately the loss of their license if they were to fail to adhere to the strict guidelines laid out in the Animal Welfare Act.

But what does Petland Naperville do that is different from everyone else to ensure that we have the best breeders? We continuously follow our breeders by checking USDA reports EVERY week to ensure that there are no issues, and we plan our own trips to see the breeders personally and to see what exactly it is that they do everyday to ensure the best care for their dogs. We meet the vets that they use and we see the living conditions of the dogs; we interact with all the dogs and see just how well loved and cared for they are. We are very strict on our breeders and they love it. For example, Petland Naperville will NOT work with a breeder who has had a direct violation in the last two years!
Not a puppy mill
Contrary to what many animal activists would have you believe, our breeders are far from puppy mills and provide beautiful homes to the parents of our puppies. Just take a look at the pictures from some of our breeders. One of our breeders fenced in a baseball field, both the infield and outfield, and this is the home for five of their Siberian Huskies. The dogs have shelter, shade and running water 24 hours a day.

Another of our breeders built playground equipment for their dachshunds.

not a puppy mill

Owner Carl Swanson and his family visiting one of our breeders.

We love to take pictures with our breeders and of their dogs in their homes. We want to be transparent so that you know that we have personally visited our breeders and can attest to the care and well being of the puppies and their parents. Many of our puppies come with pictures of the parents along with the pedigree going back three generations. We have customers that are second time buyers and even some making their third puppy adoption from us. This kind of loyalty only happens when our puppies are the best of the best! We can't wait to have you in our store so you can see our wonderful puppies, look at the pictures we have of our amazing breeders and let us help you complete your family.

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