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Bernese Mountain Dog – You Don't Have to Have Mountains

Bernese Mountain Dog – You Don't Have to Have Mountains

July 1, 2016

Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog petlandI'm searching for the perfect dog. Of course, "perfect" is in the eye of the beholder. That can be seen on any given day at Petland Naperville, where they can have up to 100 (or more!) different puppies for sale. This gives me a great place to observe many different breeds of dogs in one setting. Today I watched a Bernese Mountain Dog, and boy is this a beautiful breed. Let me tell you all about the Bernese Mountain Dog.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very large dog, and is considered a "working dog." They were originally used as farm dogs in Switzerland and even pulled carts for their owners. Males can weigh 80-100 pounds, and females 75-100 pounds. The Bernese Mountain Dog is covered in fur, so be prepared for this dog to shed year-round. Usually, though, brushing this dog one time per week should keep shedding to a minimum. This breed does not need frequent bathing (every couple of months should be okay), but make sure that you keep his ears clean so that he doesn't get an ear infection.

Bernese Mountain Dogs need daily exercise (either through a walk or a big fenced-in back yard). They also need a good 1- to 1s hour of hearty exercise a day. If you are not active, this would not be the dog for you. This breed has a warm coat and loves to play out in the snow. Conversely, because of their thick fur, they are susceptible to heat stroke.

bernese mountain puppiesIt’s very important that Bernese Mountain Dogs don't grow up too quickly. Because they are prone to growing from puppy to adult very quickly, they have the possibility of injuring growing bones. You can slow your puppy's growth by giving him a high protein diet (around 24%) and 15% fat. You should also limit rough play like jumping and playing on hard surfaces until your puppy is at least two years old. I recommend speaking with a Pet Counselor at Petland Naperville---their Pet Counselors are trained in helping you choose the right food for your dog.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. I love the fact that it is big, fluffy and good with people. That hairy coat is gorgeous, but also can create quite a mess if you don't give it the attention that it needs. I recommend the Bernese Mountain Dog to anyone with a family, and I'm sure you can find beautiful examples of this breed at Petland Naperville.


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