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Gabby Berkman
We went to buy towels at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Naperville and came home with Hank, a French Mastiff puppy from Petland. Hank was 14 weeks old, about 18 pounds, and so cute, we couldn’t go home without him. We had friends who had gotten pets from Petland, and we saw that Adam was really passionate about taking care of the dogs and his staff. They want you to have the best experience possible. It’s been a year and Hank is now pushing 100 pounds and is a healthy, happy dog who loves to run in the backyard with our other dog. I would absolutely buy another dog from Petland Naperville.
Brittney Gatto
I desperately wanted a Pomeranian and had looked at several. The one I fell in love with was at Petland Naperville. We had purchased other pets from Petland and we’ve always had a good experience. Adam and Mike are good guys who gave me a lot of information about choosing a dog and how to care for Toews (named for Jonathon!) once I purchased him. His association with other dogs at the breeder and at Petland seems to have socialized Toews well, and now he’s really good with both people and other dogs. I go back to Petland all the time, and while I haven’t allowed myself to get another dog yet, I know I will when the time is right.
Ginny Rathall
I have a Chihuahua I got 18 months ago and a Yorkshire Terrier I got 6 months ago. I’ve been visiting Petland Naperville for years, so often I think they may have thought I had a key. When Mike and Adam took over, the store was so improved. It’s very clean and well-kept, they are very conscientious and the kennel staff is very kind and happy to let you play with and exercise the puppies . You hear so much about puppy mills, but I have a lot of confidence in Petland Naperville and their relationship with their breeders. They provided me all the information on the dogs’ background and how to care for them I needed to be confident I made the best choice.
Mateusz Plackwoski
Petland not only takes care of their dogs but also their customers, they are very friendly and honest with people who come into the store. When I was suffering through a very difficult time, Petland took the time to reach out and help me in that time of need, not just the owners but their entire team.

With all these things being said, I am very happy of my new purchase as well as with every purchase I make.
Julie Stankus & Family
We chose Petland because I came to learn how connected Mike & Adam were with getting to know the breeders they chose to do business. In the case of our dog, they actually visited the breeder’s home in Iowa and came to know them well. That tells me they did their homework.

Our Buddy was just about 8 weeks old when we chose him, 6 years ago. We had been making frequent trips to the store, allowing my then 6 yr old daughter Abby and my 9 yr old son Will, to pet and get to know some of the dogs. And then one day, the cutest, fluffiest Golden was there. And well, the rest adds up to the best decision in adding our 5th family member. Buddy has THE best disposition, and we truly know that the breeders were doing something absolutely right.
Buddy has been a healthy dog. Petland really takes care of their pets. I know that if we choose to get another dog, we would definitely only go to Mike & Adam’s Petland store.
Cathy Haynes  
From the second I walked in on Saturday Natalie was such a sweet young lady and an amazing employee. From the moment she knew I was serious about getting the puppy she did everything she could to make it happen, with patience and caring. It was so obvious that she knew this dog, and all other dogs well and she truly cared about them. Your other employee Shawn is such a nice boy, it was obvious that he had bonded with the Cockachon and was a tad bit sad about him leaving and was so touching saying goodbye! There interaction made a long afternoon at your store pleasant.

I have worked in retail in the past and I wanted to take a second to tell you what assets you have in Natalie and Shawn, for such young people they are so smart, caring, professional and all around NICE people. They care about your customers and more importantly they care about the pets they are taking care of selling.

I am extremely happy with the puppy and with your store, mostly in part due to these 2. Please take a second to thank them again for me.
Mary Ann livingston
Went to Petland to just "look" as I had been thinking of a puppy for a couple years. I have a 16 year old cat and was concerned about traumatizing her with a new baby. My daughter and two grandchildren were with me the day I visited. Walking along the cages a tiny Havanese came to the front and actually chose my grandson and me by jumping on the glass. Needless to say, she came home with me and I have the best dog sitters in my grandchildren so we share the love. Izzy (Isadora Noel) was my Christmas present to me. She amazes me every day because she is so smart. By the way, she and the cat are developing a good relationship.
Mary Ann Livingston
Update - Izzy is now 8 months old and she totally owns me. She is probably the smartest dog I've ever owned and I've had many. I've not regretted my decision to buy this little Havanese for one minute.
Carla poss
We adopted our first American bulldog puppy in 2002. She was an angel. She lived to be 13 years old, which is a long time for her breed. She ended up with cancer which could not be removed. We lost her in late 2015. She left such a hole in my heart that 2 weeks later I checked this peatland and they had an all white American female bulldog who looked like our first one. We have had her a year now. I will always miss my first baby, but this baby has filled my heart. I believe my first one sent her to me. All white American bulldogs are not easy to find. She is healthy and happy & adores my 2 little grandsons. I feel blessed to have found this peatland!!

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