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Puppy Training: Where Do I Start?


petland naperville dog training 1 It’s very interesting—someone can be so excited about bringing a puppy into their home, but the moment the puppy crosses the threshold, the excitement stops there. In its place—the fear of “will I have the only dog on the planet that can’t be trained? I think that worry crosses every new pet owner’s mind. So, for all those new “moms” and “dads” out there, I thought I’d write a little about puppy training: where do I start? read more →

Dog Training Tips – No Retractable Leashes!


dog with a leashYou will need a lot of dog training tips for every stage of your dog’s life. We, Petland Naperville, want you to be equipped with some basic tips to keep your new puppy safe and you sane. The first thing you’re going to want to get (probably before you even leave the store) is a leash. read more →


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